How physicians, nurses, and health care providers can help increase colon cancer screening rates:

  • Initiate a discussion about colorectal cancer screening with patients. Recommendations from a health care provider increases the likelihood that a patient will be screened.
  • Discuss the different options for screening and match the patients with the test they are most likely to complete.
  • Decisions for screening should be based on the benefits and harms of each test, access, and acceptability of the test. Giving a patient a choice may increase the likelihood that they will follow through with getting screened.
  • Address a common barrier to screening, the mistaken belief that screening is testing after they develop symptoms and that the screening messages are not meant for them.
  • Inform people of the new Affordable Care Act coverage for colon cancer screening and refer eligible uninsured people to Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program Services.

Additional Resources for Increasing Colorectal Screening