On behalf of the Kentucky Cancer Program, Kentucky Cancer Consortium, Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program, Colon Cancer Prevention Project and the many health care and organizational partners we represent, we invite you to be a part of Kentucky’s Get the FIT Facts Campaign. We are pleased to provide this packet of educational materials and resources.

Colon cancer remains the second leading cause of cancer deaths in Kentucky despite the fact that 60% are preventable with regular screening. We hope that health care providers and organizations across the Commonwealth will work together to encourage the use of Fecal Immunochemical Tests (FIT) in combination with Colonoscopy as a strategy for increasing colon cancer screening.

The success of this campaign is contingent on your participation. By sharing the information and materials in this packet you can play an important role in educating patients and the public about the evidence-based colon cancer screening options for this highly preventable cancer. Thank you for joining us in our effort to reduce deaths from colon cancer.

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Last update: 4-22-19