Community Programs

Community Programs

KCP collaborates with partners in communities across the state to offer a wide variety of programs to reduce Kentucky’s cancer burden.

For example, what began as a conversation with Kentucky Cancer Consortium's Jennifer Knight four years ago has culminated in KCP facilitating 25 community clinical linkage events focused on colon cancer screening in partnership with 42 individual hospitals, clinics and organizations covering 9 Area Development Districts! The success of these community partnerships is reflected not only in the expanded reach to 4,324 people, distribution of 5,306 educational materials and incentives with key colon cancer screening messages, 474 people either receiving FIT kits or being referred to screening, completion of 578 short screening surveys; BUT also in the extremely positive feedback of participating organizations in key informant interviews. A great example of how KCP-East's Regional Cancer Control Specialists work with organizations to build community capacity!

Year 1

  • Educated DCC members, participants at Colon Cancer Forum, and KCC members about Community Clinical Linkages
  • Engaged DCC members in assessing colon cancer screening resources
  • Added section on Colon Cancer Screening Resources to on-line Pathfinder

Year 2

  • Conducted 167 key informant interviews to:
    • Identify barriers/gaps related to colon cancer screening
    • Prioritize barriers for colon cancer screening
    • Identify community stakeholders to address gaps

Year 3

  • Shared results with DCC members
  • Identified priorities: educate providers/organizations about FIT, develop FIT -FLU clinical interventions, increase access to FIT for low income and low literate populations
  • Coordination of efforts with KCC, ACS, C2P2 and KCCSP

Year 4

  • Conducted 25 community clinical linkage events focused on increasing awareness and screening for colon cancer utilizing FIT in partnership with 42 community hospitals, clinics and organizations
  • Expanded reach to the target population (4,324 people particpated in the events, 474 people received FIT kits or were referred to screening)
  • Key informant interviews were held with 28 organization representatives reporting a positive

KCP/KCC Community Clinical Linkage Initiative: A Successful Partnership