Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program (KCCSP)

Free Colon Cancer Screening

The Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program (KCCSP) is offering free colon cancer screening to eligible low income people who are uninsured at 14 health departments across the state.

The KCCSP uses a combination of FITs and colonoscopies, a model that has effectively increased colon cancer screening in other states and countries. Eligible Kentuckians age 50-64 (white), 45-64 (African American) who are at average risk receive an annual FIT test. If the test is positive, the patient is referred for a colonoscopy.

Patients at high risk (family history of colon problems or symptoms) are referred directly for a colonoscopy.

In 2012, Governor Beshear created a public-private partnership to reduce colon cancer, the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in Kentucky. Funding provided by the state legislature was matched with funding from the Kentucky Cancer Foundation for education and outreach, patient navigation and colon cancer screening services.

Since then, participating health departments have received a combination of state and public funds to implement this program. An important feature of the program includes patient navigation, which has resulted in a 90% rate of FIT compliance and test completion. For additional information, please visit the KCCSP page at .

The Kentucky Cancer Program works with the KCCSP funded sites, health care providers and organizations to:

  • promote and increase awareness about the screening program; and
  • identify and facilitate the recruitment of people who meet program eligibility requirements.

Funded KCCSP Sites

Counties Funded for the Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Program FY 2015-2016