Targeted Colon Cancer Outreach Program

The Targeted Colon Cancer Outreach Program (TCCOP) is a statewide education and outreach program designed to spread the word about the importance of colon cancer screening. KCP is working with District Cancer Councils, local and state partners to increase knowledge about screening and colon cancer risks, increase colon cancer screening rates, and to improve the stage at which new cancers are diagnosed. Please see the TCCOP three-year report for a detailed report on TCCOP’s outcomes with community partners.

TCCOP provides a broad range of community and provider interventions which includes educational programs, dissemination of materials, and promotional information for Dress in Blue Day and March Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month activities. KCP has developed a Resource Kit, which includes templates to promote these interventions.

Program History and Background

In July 2008 legislation was passed to establish a colon cancer screening program in Kentucky. It included a directive for the Kentucky Cancer Program to establish a colon cancer screening education and outreach program in each of the state’s 15 area development districts with a focus on individuals who lack access to screening.

Although the legislation was not funded, the Kentucky Cancer Program (KCP) established a statewide program based on an evidence-based model called Targeted Colon Cancer Outreach Program. The program encourages coordination of efforts and the development of partnerships to implement a broad range of community and provider interventions focused on increasing awareness about the importance of colon cancer screening.

In 2009 the program was successfully piloted in Kentucky and endorsed by 15 District Cancer Councils, American Cancer Society, Kentucky Cancer Consortium, Kentucky Colon Cancer Prevention Committee, and the Kentucky Colon Cancer Screening Advisory Committee. District Cancer Council meetings engaged 456 partners statewide in developing district plans. In addition, a Colon Cancer Forum was held to bring state and community representatives together to provide colon cancer data, highlight best practices, build partnerships, and develop recommendations for effective interventions and strategies tailored to Kentucky.

The Targeted Colon Cancer Program continues to receive strong support each year from hundreds of organizations and groups who commit funding, in-kind support, and resources to implement colon cancer education and outreach activities. Please see this report for a summary of TCCOP’s activities between 2009 and 2012.

Working with community, regional, and state partners KCP has been able to expand TCCOP to include several new initiatives such as Colon Cancer is Good Business, Get the FIT Facts campaign, Colon Cancer Screening Resource Toolkit, and Colon Cancer Pathways.