KCP is committed to participating in community-based cancer control research and evaluation.

Specifically KCP:

  • Helps communities use Kentucky Cancer Registry data to identify their cancer problems and to design effective interventions.
  • Conducts research with partners to evaluate the effectiveness of existing cancer control resources and develop new programs.
  • Links Kentuckians to national education and outreach programs that are evidence-based, best practices.
  • Identifies opportunities to apply for funding to support research that will lead to enhanced cancer resources and services in Kentucky communities.
  • Educates patients and the public about clinical trails, research studies that involve new cancer treatment, and promotes participation.

Current Research Collaborations

Currently, KCP is collaborating with partners on the following projects: Kentucky LEADS, TLC (Terminate Lung Cancer in Kentucky), and ASPIRE. Please use the menu tabs on the left for more details information and/or visit project websites.