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Cooper/Clayton Method

The Kentucky Cancer Program has developed a variety of colorful, easy-to-use materials for Cooper/Clayton facilitators to use in promoting and conducting their classes. The following items are in Adobe and can be customized with local information by saving them to your computer and then opening them in an Adobe program that allows editing (ex-Adobe Professional). They can be duplicated onto colored paper or card stock and cut. Most of the materials are available in color and black and white format to accommodate a variety of budgets.

In addition, a Cooper/Clayton Self Help program available for people who cannot, or prefer not to, participate in a class.

The program was started more than 20 years ago by University of Kentucky faculty members Thomas Cooper, a dentist and former heavy smoker, and Richard Clayton, an expert on drug addiction. Since 2001 KCP has trained over 1,100 facilitators in collaboration with Drs. Cooper and Clayton. KCP also offers regular facilitator refresher courses.


Facilitator trainings

Facilitator toolkit

KCP Facilitator Kit